Bernina Express

The railroad più highest in Europe – World Heritage UNESCO

Tirano – Rhaetian railway station

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is 10 'from the Rhaetian Railway station of Tirano.

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1910-2010 – 100 years of the Bernina Line

The line of the red train of Bernina is the only Swiss railway from S to N through the Alps in the open. From the train station of Tirano (429 s/m) comes over the glaciers of the Bernina Pass (2253 s/m), overcoming the 1824 m in altitude in just 22 km as the crow flies and facing slopes of 70% or, without the aid of the rack.Trenino_Brusio-m

*5 July 1910 – inauguration RhB Tirano-St Moritz.
*5 May 2007 – will inaugurate the new station of Tirano RhB and the brand new panorama cars that will join the already proven Glacier and Bernina Express.
*7 July 2008 – Railways of the Bernina (Poschiavo Tirano-St-. Moritz) and 'Albula (-Samedan St.Moritz-Filisur-Thusis), together with the historic center of Tirano are declared UNESCO World Heritage.Train-albula

The path joins the Albula 3 regions details – the Poschiavo, the Engadin Albula with the e 3 European and other watershed 3 distinct linguistic areas:
* Poschiavo = Adriatic Sea watershed – Italian language
* Engadina = spartiacque Tues Nero – lingua Reto Romancia
* Albula = spartiacque North Sea – German.

This spectacular route begins in Tirano, also the terminus of the railway station from Milan.

The Bernina Express is not only a link between Italy and Switzerland, is also the highest altitude in Europe and one of the steepest adhesion railways in the world.
After a few kilometers already exceeds a wonder: the spiral viaduct Buzz. Beyond Poschiavo, capital of the valley with its beautiful patrician houses, reaches Alp Grüm, exceptional vantage point. After the pass, at Montebello offers travelers a view of the imposing of the glacier and mountain group Bernina, with its “four thousand” sparkling snows.
A Pontresina, branches off the line-Chur to Samedan, which allows to reach the Central Switzerland. A few more kilometers and reaches St. Moritz.trenino_luna_g


The Swiss-Italian border is about 1 km from Tirano and Switzerland is not part of the European Union. The 12 December 2008 However, it has joined the Schengen Treaty, therefore, while remaining unaffected controls of goods at customs, are no longer required documents of identity’ validated by espatrio. E’ advisable, however, to have them always with you!

La Dorgan is located at the entrance of RhB station of Tirano, before entering the ticket office and then to trains. E’ the only station in the Italian territory the Bernina Railway. Sometimes there are no controls on the train, to Campocogno, the first station in Switzerland, by Swiss customs officers.
If you are in possession of audio-visual equipment visibly new and do not have the guarantee certificate of purchase, must denounce customs, to avoid incurring unnecessary to return to discussions, with the possibility of seizure.

The Ticket return TIRANO – St.Moritz adult, valid 1 just one day, 2a classe, costa 58,36 euro (the 3 May 2015). E’ should always call the ticket office (+39 0342-701353) or view schedules and updated prices because there may be variations, depending on the development of the Euro-Swiss franc exchange, or for questions about the possibility of offers and discounts.
* Children from 6 to 16 age (not completed) charged 50%.
* Children under the 6 years old are free.
* Carta Junior: for boys between 6 and 16 years traveling with their parents; to book: cost 14 Euro e validité 1 year.
* There is no reduction for older people (over 65 age).
* E’ allowed an unlimited number of intermediate stops, within the validity of the ticket, then continuing with the next train.
* Special fares for groups of at least 6 people traveling together, 30% di sconto (ticket issued only by stations in Tirano and Poschiavo), without gratuitousness.
* For groups of more than 10 people there is a discount of 20% and a free ticket for every 10 people.
* The seats on the “Little Red Train” Bernina are booked ONLY in these cases:

– groups (almeno 10 people), Free seat reservation.
– if you choose the panorama carriages of “Bernina Express” Tirano. In this case, it is expected to pay an extra charge for express trains, that is to Tirano-St. Moritz is approximately 10 Euro, person (including children) and per stroke.

* No need to obliterate your tickets before you leave.

Ferrovía retica – Bernina Express

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