Camera Ortensia

La camera Ortensie It is the quietest of the bed and breakfast Villa Verde. These beautiful hand-painted flowers on the bathroom wall offer guests a touch of freshness and fragrance.

The window overlooks the rear of the house, dove c’è il parcheggio, i garage, the garden and the orchard
It has a panoramic view on the Rhaetian of the Valtellina and Valgrosina.

Il pavimento è in palquet di rovere.

The hydrangeas room is ideal for a family, anche con due bimbi.


  • Bedroom with en suite bathroom
  • Letto matrimoniale – o due letti separati – e terzo letto.
  • Possibility of adding a bed with rails
  • Tv, thermostat riscaldamendo, wifi

The bathroom Hydrangeas has: sink, shower, water, bidet, aspirator, hairdryer, linens and soaps.

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