The villa

B&B VILLA VERDE in Valtellina – between Tirano and Bormio

B&B Villa Verde


The villa, easily identifiable for those coming from Tirano, is located along the left side of the straight that is the entrance to the village of Grosio.
green oasis that lightens the landscape and a feature teaches hand-painted eye-catching, well focused on intelligent traffic lights, positioned on the gate post.
The house is divided into three floors: the ground floor and the first (day and night) for private use of the family who runs the b & b, while the second floor, four bedrooms with private bathrooms and a large living room-breakfast, is reserved for guests.
The entrance and the large scale are shared.

The garden
The garden, adorned with a small pond with fish and aquatic plants, is shaded by some ornamental plants: cherry laurel, Laurus nobilis, Ginkgo biloba, magnolia, pomegranate, persimmon and pawpaw triloba.
Under the canopy of the persimmon is a barbecue and a large granite table, while on the south and west sides of the house there are some fruit trees, a vegetable garden, parking for 3-4 cars and the garage for motorcycles and bicycles.

The porch
On the mezzanine floor, along the east front of the villa there is a porch – equipped with sofas, chairs and tables – where in summer you can have breakfast, chat, relax.

Those who live

Open your home to others it is to share spaces, experiences, thoughts and knowledge, with the desire to strengthen human relations and enrich ourselves inwardly.
E ‘in this spirit that my husband and I – supported by the fact that we possess a spacious house – we decided to dedicate some of our time the welcome activity.
After that the three daughters have left the parent to create their families, to bridge gaps and spaces, in 2005 came the idea to open the doors to the world, transforming the “lack” in a cozy bed and breakfast, intuition proved absolute winner.
My husband is a freelancer, has the passion of singing (he directed for 17 years the choir Peaks Redasco) and little time for his hobbies: hiking, biking, skiing. For him the value of friendship is sacred.
I am a dynamic person, curious and a thousand interests: I love flowers, paint, read, travel and I love to know the beauty of my country