mountain bike trails in Valtellina

Five spectacular mountain-biking I'm It was inaugurated in Valtellina.

From the high mountains of the shares of Valtellina and Valposchiavo nearby (Switzerland), they precipitate on the bottom of the valley along dirt, muleteer, military roads and trails, specially marked for bikers e mountain-bike.

Some routes are easier, other more challenging, but surely all are fun and must be approached with a good physical ability and knowledge of ski techniques.
The fatigue (or pleasure) the climb can be mitigated by transfers in proportion with their cars or using the servizio shuttle (Taxi Drive:
For lovers of mountain-biking name High Rezia - Alta Valtellina, Poschiavo, Engadine, Valmustair - is reflected primarily in the footsteps of Mortirolo, Verva, Stelvio, Gavia and Bernina. But the mountain area is also un'intreccio of trails and old mule tracks that run through pastures, woods and maggengo and who can offer, if recuperati and systematically, new and exciting challenges.
Here are the paths
Cabbage Anzani
Two routes THE Tornantissima and LA Grosinaare in the territory of Grosio.
Website with maps, paths, information and fantastic VIDEO - CRAZY DOWN FIWE –:


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